Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Art World Happenings - Katie Walberg :: Trashball

I met Katie way back when we were just young undergrads, sharing studio space and attempting to survive the torment of three hour long painting critiques. She went on to bigger and better things, namely an MFA from Maryland Institute College of Art. She is one of the few artists who works effortlessly in a variety of media without loosing sight of her original ideas.

The trashball series has been building and evolving over the last several years. It has been getting more sophisticated the entire time, tracking a trajectory through painting, drawing, photography, and performance art. Trashball wasn't just something to talk about in the studio, it was a concept that deserved to be out in the real world. I remember trashball appearing unannounced at a few art openings in Knoxville. Trashball was never just an object to be looked at, but rather to be interacted with. Made from the discarded remnants of modern life, trashball was created by the act of retrieval. Luckily, if you missed Walberg's MFA thesis exhibition like I did, you can get a brief (and funny) history of trashball here!

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