Thursday, August 20, 2009

Art World Happenings - Brain Damage

From Brain Damage:

BRAIN_DAMAGE.Productions is an artists' simulation of the revolving and ever changing world around us. It is Light. It is Dark. It is that which combines both to create common ground. It is the persuit of knowledge; a creative & encouraging source to provide a platform for self-discovery including the understanding of the infinite micro & macrocosms of the universe & multiverses. The Productions we bring the public seek to inspire and allow for the expression of unconditional creation. We seek to take the world on a journey without leaving one's seat into the multidimensional worlds of existence; a break down of every day reality of that which you think you are.

BRAIN_DAMAGE.Productions is a new informal art organization in the Upstate and seeks to bring artistic, creative, and talented individuals to work together to build something new for the community. BRAIN_DAMAGE.Productions specializes in experimental & Avant-garde productions, including elements of dance, theater, music, and visual ecstacy in nonconventional & abstract forms.

Coming up this weekend, Victoria Ferrer and Mark Latta are holding auditions for their multi-disciplinary production "Vertical World" here at Village Gallery. On Saturday, August 22, up to 100 performers and visual artists will meet for the casting call and the beginnings of BrainDamage Production's first major production in Upstate South Carolina. These guys have more energy and ideas than anyone I've met recently. "Vertical World" fuses together the duo's design, choreography, visual art and ambient music backgrounds in an Avant-Garde performance of dance, video, and music. Village Gallery is excited to be a part of the project by providing space for auditions and the upcoming live performances.

Open call auditons for the performance cast as well as briefings for visual & technical artists will be held on Saturday, the 22nd. Please be sure to bring your resume or portfolio!

Saturday, Aug 22 @ 12 PM-4 PM
Village Studios & Gallery
in the Pendleton Art District
1278 Pendleton Street
Greenville, SC 29611

For more information, contact
You can also help support their project financially by donating.

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