Sunday, February 7, 2010

Deceptive Colors by Steven Chapp

"I have always enjoyed making marks on a surface. Printmaking is one of the media in which I do this. It is my objective to create images that not only speak of marks but to have marks that speak for the image.

In many of my images I use the crow is a metaphor for humankind. The crow is often seen as an observer of events, the ever present watchful eye. My use of color, the darkness of the image, the composition and the subject matter of the crow often tell a story of mystery and turmoil. My interest in narrative images goes back to my childhood when I was attracted to the illustrations in books. I was far more interested in the story I found in the illustration than the words on the page. I could use my imagination to create my own story.

I want my images to tell a story and for you to read what you will into the images.

The process in making images whether it is with intaglio, relief or monotypes, paintings or drawing, for me is about making marks on a surface. It is my way of leaving an impression, an imprint for this Earth."
-Steven A. Chapp

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